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Release Expectations of Others

We can drive ourselves bonkers thinking and re-thinking about others. We create these vibrant and emotionally-charged stories about how this or that person must respond to best meet our needs. Now, should this individual not follow our mental imagery (expectations), we may revise the imaginary script with a few choice words for them. (What movie is without a little drama?!) Invest that energy into a one-man or one-woman show, and let's cast ourselves into that one starring role. Simply, let's focus on our own expectations.  You are in charge of you. Happiness is up  to you.  No one is powerful enough to disturb our peace, unless we let them. (Note: do not let them.) Life is too short to hit...

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Bringing Our Sunshine

A person of enthusiasm is easy to spot. They've got a pep in their step, a twinkle in their eye, and a solid handshake. They radiate energy. They have a zest for life.  "I'll have what she's having!" Bring sunshine to the table. It's always available; we need only to seek within (and turn it up). The life of the party is the one practicing her/his shine. We can shine purpose, gratitude, love, and our smile. We can shine silent blessings, eye contact, and support by holding the door for others. The energy we offer is the energy we get back.  Bring sunshine. Give and receive feel-good energy. Ooze enthusiasm. Repeat. (But first, let me get my shades. Lord knows...

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Why Life Reminders?

Because we already know that Life is Short and Doers follow their Dreams. But with the mundaneness of life, sometimes we need a reminder. Where are we going? Why are we going? What is our purpose?  Sometimes our thinking is rather uninspired and not really positive. Life throws curveballs and we may feel defeated and just off. But this is life and it would be abnormal if we weren't knocked down, sometimes, throughout our ride.  We do our best to get up and to get back into the game. We aim to speak into existence the person we strive to become and the life we desire to create. We are empowered by our uplifting thoughts because they are reminders--not new messages--to raise...

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