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Trust the Inconvenience

Give thanks for the interruption, the delay, the inconvenience. Perhaps that annoyance is a disguised blessing.  Turn the frown upside down and trust the setback is for your highest good. Because it is. "Thank you that I'm stuck in this traffic; it may just have me be in the right place at the right time." Attitude is everything. Choose yours wisely. Life is too short to live frustrated. Live life and all of its 'colorful' experiences with gratitude. Always.   

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Change of Plans

I recently celebrated my birthday. The original plan was to dine at a restaurant along our favorite boardwalk. I anxiously awaited the hours until our getting ready to have our family date night, which would be in celebration of my birth....long, long ago. (Hey, our presence is a gift. Let's toot our horn some, yeah?) Long story short, the family night out was postponed since our youngest started showing signs of a nasty stomach bug. 'Ugh' to the bug. While it was easy to harp on about no dressing up, no dining along the boardwalk, and of course, no birthday dessert accompanied by a singing waitstaff, it took some internal (and external) dialogue to raise my vibration and shift my...

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A Beautiful Day, Everyday.

When the sun is shining, Anoop and I comment, repeatedly, just how beautiful the day is. I love to close my eyes, take a deep breath, and feel the sunshine on my face. It's not uncommon for our 2-year-young to say it's a beautiful day when it's just that--beautiful. Yet the other day, the weather was nasty, cold, and ugly. Nonetheless she's staring out the window, observing the rain, and says, "it's a beautiful, sunny day." I didn't correct her because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. She believed it was a beautiful (and sunny) day, and so, that's what she saw. And in that moment, so did I. Mindset is everything. Everyday is beautiful. Everyday is a...

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