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Thank You Shark Tank

I recently watched an episode on Shark Tank, a new favorite in our household.  A husband and wife team proposed their invention, a functional sippy cup for infants and toddlers, in hopes of receiving additional funding from the sharks to grow their product. The sharks appear intimidating and overwhelm each 'contestant' with a number of questions to determine not only growth potential but also a love for the product at hand. The commitment, passion, and tenacity was evident in this couple.   I was so inspired by this husband and wife duo. Their appearance on the show, alone, strongly suggested that they kept moving forward despite sleepless nights, fear, uncertainty, and doubt. I wanted such role models in our life...

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What If

What if we trusted that life's tests were happening for us rather than to us? What if the challenge was meant for our growth so that we may transform into our best and boldest selves?  We are human. Life happens. But it is with the power of choice that we can decide that the setback is a set up for our comeback, and march forward confidently.  We must walk in faith. Think back to those times that you were stretched, perhaps involuntarily, by circumstances that felt larger than you. You made it through. And so we may find ourselves, again, in a situation where we feel powerless and want to call mercy. The pain is great, but we are growing...

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