Age Excusitis

How many times have we heard (or said) "I'm too old" or "I'm too young" to do that (whatever 'that' may be). What exactly is the right age to really charge and seize opportunities? Is it 20? 32? Oh goodness, did we miss it? Has the right age already passed?!!

Or is there still time until we enter the right age? And should we just wait until then before we really get busy and charge full speed ahead, pursuing our dreams and doing what makes us feel fantastic?

What if the right age is right now?

Geez, that would mean we would have to heal from age excusitis. We would have to live--not settle--now. No regrets. No waiting. Just doing.

There is no better age than the one we are in now. So let's go for 'it' now!  

We are quick to play the age card when it comes to returning to school, entering a new industry, starting a business, or doing any activity that we feel passionate about. Age excusitis is contagious, and we must be careful to not limit ourselves based on a ridiculous, dream-killing, and mediocrity-settling notion about age.

Age is nothing but a number. It is not our fate card. The next time we hear or say "too old" or "too young," let's be quick to cure it with "right age, right now."

Then do a happy dance to seal the deal. 



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