Why Organic Cotton?

…Because we can do better.

Our choice is powerful.  When we choose organic cotton, 

  • We choose health.  We say "no thanks" to GMO seeds and pesticides that seep into our skin through our pores. We recognize we are not only what we eat, but also what we wear.
  • We support the health and livelihood of organic cotton farmers.  We reduce farmers’ exposure to agriculture chemicals that are hazardous to their well-being and environment. We help farmers feed their own families, especially in developing countries.
  • We help protect our groundwater from contamination, as it is a primary source of drinking water, by eliminating synthetic pesticides and fertilizers from organic cotton production.
  • We promote sustainable farming practices that produce less greenhouse gas emissions and work to combat climate change.
  • We support our planet, as it supports us, with cleaner water, air, and healthy wildlife. 
  • We say "yes" to a healthier planet for our children and future generations.

We believe we can make a difference. And we follow that belief with action.