Organic, Sustainable, Ethical & Fair Trade

Nature being allowed to do its work without the interference of the human is teh easiest way to describe 'Organic". So when non genetically modified cotton seeds are sown and the crop that comes out of it is not sprayed with toxic pesticides and chemicals;  that is a successfully grown Organic Cotton crop.

And the Organic farmers like the conventional farmers never carry the bane of spaying or treating the crop with harsh chemicals for the sake of preventing a disease. They use creative methods of preventing such scenarios by planting trap-crop.

When the crop is ready for harvest, all it is blemished; is with good sunlight, nutrients from healthy soil and some water. This is Organic Cotton.

Sustainability is at the core of our business. It’s not just a buzzword, it’s a lifestyle.

The journey starts at our GOTS certified partner suppliers who follow the protocols to maintain the standards of sustainable manufacturing and sustainable printing.

And the journey continues when we ship the orders to you. Our packaging comprises of recycled plastic mailer envelope, jute strings, paper hang tag, paper sleeve .....all BIODEGRADABLE!

Together, we take a stand and make a difference!