Write It Down!

I am a goal digger. 

And for quite sometime, I had my goals in my head. I thought about wanting more money, wanting to get an A in my course, wanting to drive that flashy car, and so forth. 

Goal setting is good. Great, in fact. However if the goals are set up here (emoji pointing to head), then they are more likely to remain ideas than accomplishments. 

Why not write your goals down--the first action step towards achievement. There is nothing like pen to paper and seeing your goals staring up at you with eyes of desire and a look that reads, "Let's go. I want to come into your life. Let's get to work!"

And there, friends, is the key word: work. Once you write your goal(s) down, you have to get to work and take the 2-3 action steps per day (or per week) to bring the goal to life. Writing your goals down makes you get real clear about what it is that you want. Floating ideas in our head are fine, but concrete goals on paper are fantastic. Reading them daily is even better. And running your finger along the goal feeling a sense of accomplishment, daily, is game-changing.








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