Being Human is Hard

Being human is no easy feat.

Because we have a mind, we have to make choices. Some choices are not always easy to make. This is especially true when we don't know, beforehand, what will happen from our decisions. 

Then, we have feelings. Oh goodness, those. They can be overwhelming. And there are so many.  Often they mesh together to create a whirlwind of emotions at a single time. 

And of course, there are life's events. All the ups and downs and twists and turns and do-overs can be a bit daunting. Furthermore we have to learn from them in order to move forward just a tad bit wiser. 

Regarding the less fortunate events, is that even fair? Taking two steps back to move one step forward. How's that add up?

Being human is hard.

But it's also fascinating because being human means being brave and courageous, and flexible. Every moment is one of opportunity. Every choice offers a new direction. Every feeling reminds us we are alive.  And every event is meant for our growth.

Being human is hard but because we are human, we are strong and able to withstand whatever comes our way. So let's just keep winging it, doing our best, paving a path, living, and cutting ourselves some slack.

Because we're still here, we're already winning.  


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