Change Your Relationship, Not the Result

"Change your relationship [with the posture], not the result," the yoga teacher said before a class of all-level yoga practitioners in forward head-to-knee pose. Some were advanced while others struggled to stay balanced on one leg. 

We can easily become distracted by results. "It MUST look like this" or "It MUST turn out this way!"  Perfection takes over progress, and the journey loses it luster. The posture [or life] will not be fully appreciated until it is mastered and achieved.


"Is this why I came to yoga?" Is this what life is about? This lose-before-winning mindset is absurd and lays no foundation for personal growth. Instead, it completely depletes us. Whether we are 'advanced' or 'beginners', walk hand-in-hand with life. Enjoy every adventure. Give thanks routinely. Try and try again. 

No need to rush to the finish line. The learning is more fun.

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