DIY Stain Remover with only TWO Ingredients!

Yup. Just two. 

Furthermore, this stuff is magic because it really, REALLY works. (Listen, we have two young kids who love dirt and food. But their clothes...(smh)....their clothes LOVE dirt and food and hang onto the grime and leftovers long after play- and meal-time.

I'm talking stains, my friends. Stains galore.

Along with testing natural skincare recipes, I am experimenting some with DIY cleaning products. I was running low on my store-bought stain remover, and I was not about to buy another one, especially since my becoming a "scientist."

So, without further delay, you will need:

1. A dish washing soap (e.g. Dawn, but I used a generic brand)

2. Hydrogen peroxide (available at your nearest drugstore)  

Then, in an empty spray bottle:

  • Mix one part of the dish soap with two parts of hydrogen peroxide, and that's it. 

I now treat any spot with this stuff before tossing the stained item into the wash. And one washer-dryer cycle later, the spot is puff: GONE!




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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


Lol as life = laugh out loud = lol 😵

Leave Me Lol

Lol as life = laugh out loud = lol 😵

Leave Me Lol

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