Mind Stuff and Magic

I'm currently reading The Magic of Believing. Yet another book about the mind and its power. I jump into such books with a burning desire to learn the major secret of success. 

I don't want to go on a treasure hunt for it. I want it in the table of contents, bold font, capitalized, and with this exact wording: THE SECRET OF SUCCESS IS such-and-such.

Give me answers--not questions--about my emotional, physical, and mental states that I need to give due attention to for me to possess the secret. 

I read these books about mind stuff, do the soul searching, and answer questions about current thinking patterns that support or do not serve me.  

But there just might be something to all this work

It's not a quick and easy fix, but rather a slow and steady process that is literally, mind-changing. And there lies the secret: change your mind, change your life.

Simply, the secret is you. 

But the simplicity of this secret is almost disturbing. We question rather than receive the truth that we are oh-so powerful. Success is already within us. And whatever we put our heart and mind to, we attract into our lives.  

We have too much within us, and we do ourselves and the world an incredible disservice if we do not follow up our imagination with action. 

There is something to this mind stuff, and it's mind-blowing as we open our hearts, believe in our own magic, and find more of it in our lives.   


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