I See You

Has your screen (cell phone, computer, ipads, etc.) gotten more attention than people? Mine has. I can't count all the times my eyes were on a gadget rather than the human being before me. 

We have multi-tasking down to a tee (pun intended), but there are costs. And in this age of technology, it's easy to miss a golden opportunity to see another right in front of us.

When we give people our real emotions (not emojis) and our eyes, we show them respect. We show they matter. We show interest and curiosity in what they have to say. But the winning isn't a one-way street. Eye contact is a confidence builder for both the talker and the listener. Looking someone in the eye is actually quite courageous because as you see them, they see you.

Furthermore, you have beautiful eyes. So please, look up.




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