Now Gratitude

How may we expect more if we overlook what we have now?

Acknowledging and appreciating what is already available, we allow greater abundance to effortlessly flow to us.

We woke up this morning. Breathe that in--you woke up this morning. We have a new day, a new beginning to feel better, do better, and be better.

Now, we have an abundance of breath.

Those repeating mental images are an abundance of ideas.

Now, we are rich with imagination and vision.

The items throughout our home from writing utensils to paper to food are tools for increasing abundance and prosperity in our lives.

Now, we have all we need to set goals and crush them. Now, we have nourishment to fuel our mastermind.

And we have our smile.

Now, give one to yourself. 

Now Gratitude releases greater abundance. Expect a downpour. 

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