In praise of Our Great-Great-Grandparents

We attended the Bradley Beach Farmers' Market recently. The shapes, colors, and scents from one booth had us stop and chat. Melissa, the owner of Sotions Earthborn Essentials, gave me a sample of her handmade soap. Oh. My. Goodness. Her soap not only changed my skin (for the better), but sparked a great interest in natural, or rather do-it-yourself (DIY) skincare. 

Since that soap, I have researched up until the wee hours the incredible benefits of homemade cleaning and beauty products. My kitchen and bathroom have turned into labs for all my experiments. Needless to say, I am (a tad) obsessed. After three years of grad schooling, my face has been through the wringer. Papers and group projects left me with under eye dark circles and acne scars from stressed energy. 

Now that that battle was won (grad school), I am back to taking care of me (mind, body, and soul). Whether I blog about personal development or DIY skincare products, a journey is taking place, friends. Best part is, I know that I am not alone; we are all exploring.

The journey makes us common. It makes us human.

With that said, bear with me as I indulge in inexpensive and effective skincare recipes from treating acne with banana peels to nutmeg masks to baking soda exfoliation. I am excited to share some DIY beauty bloggers I really like and their fabulous recipes. 

And this is not just for the ladies (as my husband recently requested a homemade beard oil--"I'm on it, Love!")

Simply, I want to feed my mind and body with good stuff--positive vibes and clean products.

"Organic" is really about returning to our roots and using what was available via nature before industrialization (mass production) changed the rules of the game, completely.

Praise our great-great-grandparents for their sustainable and organic practices.  



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