One Baby Step Today

One. Baby. Step. Today.

One. Not two. Not even one and a quarter. Just one. One is on the other end of zero. Zero is nothing, one is something. Do one thing, or rather something, as compared to nothing.

A baby is small. And certainly not a giant. Not quite a toddler. Make that one thing--that something-- just a small itty bitty thing.

Step is singular, not plural. Take a step. No need to climb the stairs. 

Today allows for a grace period of  'anytime' on this day.Wiggle room is good.

We tend to jump ahead of ourselves. We want to see change, and we want to see change NOW.  Think New Year's resolutions--"baby steps on steroids!" Then when we don't see results within the first month of the new year, we stop all efforts toward change.

Slow and steady wins the race, friends.

A step might be writing down, on the top corner of a paper nearest you (junk mail, bank statement, book page, etc.), one thing you are grateful for. Perhaps eventually, you'll feel inspired to buy a journal for notes of gratitude. (Perhaps not; that idea is way too far out, and we're sticking to today, only, and our one baby step). Release the pressure.

Practice makes progress. Enjoy the step-by-step process. Life is not a race. Have a blessed day.



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