Yes Life

I'm working on letting life flow. And it's a challenge, no doubt, because I want to be in control. Don't you just want to be the gatekeeper of experiences for your life:

"Sorry, not today--not ever. You'll be a setback'er"

"Oh, you'll be a feel good'er. Yes, welcome. Come into my life."

But I'm not the gatekeeper, and thank goodness since that would also be pretty time-consuming and overwhelming. "I just can't keep up with every single experience that wants IN!" 

So I'm left with saying "yes" to all of it. Life. Every experience in life. Setbacks, comebacks, gains, losses, highs, lows, happiness, sadness, failures, opportunities--  

Yes. Yes. Yes. And yes.

Life happens for us. The more we let go, and let life flow, we learn to turn setbacks into comebacks and recognize blessings behind challenges. We open the door to more of the good stuff--miracles and opportunities. A beautiful life is a colorful life.

Yes, life--we got this. 


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