Self-Love is Your Superpower

It feels good to give to others. I think it's safe to say that we are darn good in giving to others. Heck, we are experts. We know how to bring out a smile from others because we're good storytellers, comics, counselors, and nurturers.  Loving others is not rocket science.  

It's just natural.

And we know because we are love. That is what we are made of. That is what we are made from. And when we love others, there is no deficit, but rather an endless stream of love that flows, endlessly.

Except when it comes to loving ourselves. Where did the flow go, yo? 

There is more than enough love to give out, and to give in. I assure you. 

The more we give to ourselves--love ourselves--miracles happen. Miracles reign. And our instinctive power to comfort and bring out smiles in others only grows. We cannot help but to extend more love to others. We see life with a fresh pair of eyes. We see life pulling us to win. We see life happening for us. And we see life loves us. 

All because you love yourself. Self-love is your superpower. 

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