Sit and Sing


Sit? I had a house to clean. Floors to sweep, dishes to wash, and bathroom mirrors to wipe. Sitting was not part of my agenda, especially when feeling overwhelmed with so much to do. Hello, Life!

Nonetheless, I sat. And in that moment of physical rest, a ladle and Mr. Potato Head lips were to serve as my microphones. "Sing," my 3-year-old commanded. Her younger sister, standing right beside her, completed the two-member army.

Girl power!

I decided to gift them with my hit version of "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." I have sung this song for decades; that much practice should make perfection, or so I thought.  The girls were not blown away, and there were no "again, again" requests. 

Regardless, I had a ball singing and made a mental note to stop, sit, and sing when I get stuck in my head: "oh, Life"...."goodness gracious, Life"....."arrrgh, Life" and so forth. Life happens. All. The. Time.

But we can always take time, despite "ahhh, Life" to just sit and sing (give thanks, dance, pray, visualize, journal, and anything else that has us re-connect with our heart).

Despite "oh my gosh, Life," sit (be still) and sing (move from head to heart). It does a body (and soul) good!

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