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Law of AttrACTION

Did you see The Secret? (I pictured myself as a magic genie after seeing this film.) If we can see it, we can be it. And while this is very true, there is more to seeing, thinking, believing, and feeling it. We gotta do it.  Do it. Do it. And do it again. A-C-T-I-O-N completes the word, attraction. If we want it, we must see it, think it, believe it, feel it, and take the action steps to, ultimately, achieve it.  As faith without works is dead, without action--there is no attraction. That's Law! Just do it. And do it. And do it. And do it.  Action precedes action. All we need to do is take the first step. 

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Make a Plan and Work That Bad Boy!

I am a serial planner striving to be a serial doer. I have talked a lot and shared my plans (on paper), a lot. You? (Or am I the lone sheep here. Anyone?) All of us have great ideas. And we begin to give those ideas feet as we write down the plan for making our ideas fly. The plan is good, and the time has come to execute.But-- I'll do it when I have more time, or I'll do it when I have more money, or I'll do it after the holidays, or I'll do it next weekend, or ........ (tick tock tick tock tick tock....) And we act as if we have all the time in the world...

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