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Look Within

We recently watched two films on Netflix about the practice of meditation: 1. InnSaei 2. On Meditation How often do we give ourselves time to sit and embrace stillness? After watching both films, we were inspired to meditate, daily. Five minutes in the morning. Five minutes before bed. This has been challenging because I just want to get it right--listening only to the inhale and exhale of my breath. But the reality is that I am thinking about everything and anything, including What's for lunch? What's for dinner? I need to do laundry. I'm tired. And of course.... Are the five minutes up? Yet, I try and try and try again. Letting one thought pass, and then the next, and...

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Take a Faith Breath

This is not just a deep breath, but one that is filled with a mountain-moving mindset. I recommend doing so on a regular basis, especially those times when anxiety creeps in and doubt whispers lies. A faith breath works best when your eyes are closed so that you may picture yourself strong and victorious. And it's not just the visual, but the emotion that accompanies your image of success. Let that feeling seep into your core. You got this. You are powerful. You are strong. How does it feel knowing you are supported? A faith breath shifts your energy from worry to confidence and equips you with a fist-pump feeling of faith. Anyone can take a deep breath, but a...

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