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Mirror, Mirror

When is the last time you stood before a mirror, looked into your eyes, and said: I AM ______________ Smart Talented Beautiful Strong Prosperous Highly Favored ....and believed it? Do you take the time to let who you are sink into your subconscious until mental images match your declarations? Engage with your inner giant and feel your energy transform. Be clear about the person you see before you: Smart Talented Beautiful Strong Prosperous Highly Favored ....and believe it. Own it.   

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Self Pep Talk

Truth be told, I talk to myself. A lot. Have you had those days when you're feeling tested and just want to run for cover? It's with these times, I need to pump up the volume of my inner giant. I want to hear loud and clearly from my I-CAN-and-I-WILL self. The self that is empowered, bold, and the best version of me. The self that roars Who I am, Whose I am, and ALL I am. You know that self because it's always available to you. It's not lost, not absent, and certainly not hiding. It's more than ready to be called upon.  There's no need for your giant self to warm up or remember how to call in...

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