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Thank You Shark Tank

I recently watched an episode on Shark Tank, a new favorite in our household.  A husband and wife team proposed their invention, a functional sippy cup for infants and toddlers, in hopes of receiving additional funding from the sharks to grow their product. The sharks appear intimidating and overwhelm each 'contestant' with a number of questions to determine not only growth potential but also a love for the product at hand. The commitment, passion, and tenacity was evident in this couple.   I was so inspired by this husband and wife duo. Their appearance on the show, alone, strongly suggested that they kept moving forward despite sleepless nights, fear, uncertainty, and doubt. I wanted such role models in our life...

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“Where did the time go?” That seems to be the most common expression shared between my better half and me. And only a few short years ago I would burn a half hour per week of my bachelor life trying to save 2 bucks on a tank full of gas at the local Costco! My married buddies had moved beyond scratching their scalps trying to figure out the religious zeal with which a single man would visit Costco. Well, it was either going to Costco--be in the real world, or watch SportsCenter reruns. Right! I picked real world experiences--Costco. So fast forward 6 years, and here I’m surrounded by 3 women 24/7. The arrival of my better half 5 years...

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