Think Big

Our past does not define us. Our present does not dictate our future. Our current thinking does shape our future, however.

Friends, let's just think big. We have nothing to lose:

  • Zero payments.
  • Our imagination is stretched.
  • We invite magic into our lives.
  • We remain open to the possibility of our vision becoming a reality.

A current and less-than-satisfactory experience is not the end-all. It's similar to a rest stop. Heck, life is filled with rest stops. And the conditions can be displeasing with--work with my following analogy--long restroom lines and foods that boost your energy (for a hot minute) before they drag it down. Thankfully these 'stops' are temporary and serve as opportunities for us to stop and think strategically about next steps.  

Simply, when we rest or when life seems at a standstill, keep thinking big. Plan the work and work the plan. Our personal growth is extraordinary when we allow ourselves to think big and our physical self responds with bold action. 

Magic unfolds with big thinking. Think bigger. Live bigger.



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