What is Meant for You is Meant for You

No thing and no one can take from you what is destined for you.

Easily said. But easily believed? (I'm thinking back to when I didn't get a job that had my name written all over it and was to propel my career. I am now incredibly thankful for that 'loss').

Surrender a scarcity mentality. And not only in the area of money, but as it relates to all areas of life. With our choosing to believe that we have enough and we are enough despite not getting a job, a promotion, the person, the thing, the place that we projected as 'successful,' we build our trust muscles. Exercise is so much more than just physical, it's mental health too. 

What is meant for you is meant for you.

We need only to let go and let it be. Allow bigger windows and doors to open as the smaller ones shut. Press forward. What we seek is seeking us, and we will meet it halfway as long as we build faith muscles over those of doubt.

Stay in peace. 

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