Why or How?

Two very different questions. 

A why response generally ends with a period. "Why not go outside in a tank top? Because it's below freezing."

A how response allows for a bit more wiggle room beyond a 'that's just the way it is' reply.

Both serve a purpose. But in times of feeling stuck and anxious, let's do our best to ask the latter--"How?" We can remain in a boxing ring trying to knock out fear, doubt, worry and a number of feelings along those lines. But what we resist, persists. And the stream of why is this happening? why now?  why me? leaves us knocked out with no solution in sight.


Instead, let's opt to get outside the ring and plan for moves that will set us up for victory. That is, let's ask "how?" How do I bring more joy into my life? How can I feel better about this problem? How do I get unstuck? How can I best manage or overcome fear and doubt?

By asking better questions, we leave room for solutions and a victory.

Let's go get 'em, Champs!

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