Your Life is Proof

....of your power. 

I'm certain we've all experienced challenges that felt too big to bare. We were pulled and bent, but we did not break. We got knocked down, but not knocked out.

In spite of life's hard knocks, we got up. We made it through. We climbed that mountain.  

We proved our power, our courage, and our strength to ourselves then, and we will do so again now. Because we choose to matter.

Your life continually proves that you have the power to conquer impossibilities.

And so we continue to chase the self we aim to become. We remain heart-strong. Fear is no longer our front view. We moved it behind so that it may push us forward with determination. We are instead pulled by faith and purpose. We welcome the multitude of possibilities that are meant for our growth and highest self.

We welcome a limitless life. 



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