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Nutmeg Yo' Face!

Who knew nutmeg was magical outside of cakes, cookies, and puddings? Have you tried it on your face? Amazing. As I'm determined to get my skin back in tip-top condition (asap), I am a busy scientist between my kitchen and bathroom. I'm testing DIY cleansers, toners, eye creams, and serums. Almost every day, I'm trying a new facial recipe or homemade natural makeup and loving it! I'm also cleaning bathroom sinks and counters a lot more--not loving that. So a nutmeg mask consists of nutmeg and milk. Being that I'm lactose intolerant and a plant-based foodie, I used original unsweetened almond milk. "Why nutmeg?" Anti-inflammatory Natural moisturizer Natural exfoliator  Helps to decrease clogged pores Helps to heal acne scars Promotes...

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Don't Just Eat the Banana, Wear It.

Let's talk skincare, friends. At least 24 bananas per week are consumed in my household, and still, I had never heard about a banana peel mask. (Did you know that the average American eats about 38 bananas over the course of one year? And what do we generally do with the peel? We immediately toss it.) But, if you are looking to not let the peel go to waste and: repair skin damage reduce wrinkles treat acne and acne scarring Then take the peel of a ripened banana (not the entire peel, just a sliver) and gently massage your face with the inside of that peel until this inner part becomes brown-like and rather mushy. I tend to leave this...

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