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Power to the Plants!

Whether you are already plant-based or looking to add more plant-based foods to your diet, this site provides a number of easy, tasty, and healthful plant-based recipes that are..... OIL-FREE! Yup, oil-free, and that includes oil-free salad dressings. "Say it ain't so!" SO! "But why NO oil?" You can read all about it here under Why should I avoid oil? Isn't oil healthy?(You be the judge!) Personally, oil is still in my diet. However, I have tremendously cut down my oil intake. And since doing so, I feel (and am) physically lighter. In fact, I lost a few pounds when I initially cut out any and all oils in my diet. Cut the oil, reduce the oil, keep the decide!...

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Crowd Out

As a health counselor, I wholeheartedly promote adding more nutrients to a diet versus dieting. And we may apply this idea to every aspect of our lives: Crowd out the relationships that do not serve you with those that do. Add more steps (walking, running, stairs, etc.) to be a little less sedentary today. Read 5 minutes more from an inspirational book to reduce internet-browsing time. While it's possible to just quit a bad habit all at once, we may eventually say, "just kidding!" and return to things, people, or places that drain us rather than lift us. Diets don't work, food- and life-wise. Instead, crowd out--gradually. We'll not only feel physically lighter, but mentally and emotionally better.    

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