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Collecting stepping stones

Curious to walk, a toddler falls while trying to figure out  his steps, a pregnant woman huffs and puffs dejectedly while trying to push the baby during delivery.  These failures are essential. The failure helps the toddler eventually find the balance and the failure guides the mother to finally take a deep breath and push enough to bring her baby into this world. if we stay in tune, there’s a lot to learn.  Failure is the service of learning.

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Protecting Our Peace

There is endless competition for our attention and energy from outside influences. Some experiences are welcomed while others are distracting and time-consuming. Just let that *isht go.  Release. Release. Release. We protect our peace with deep breaths, victorious thoughts, and a certainty that karma is real! So we act with caution (and coolness). We protect our peace at the start of our day by setting the intention that this day will be great. Should any obstacles come our way, we ask for strength, more faith, and the wisdom to respond with ease, focus, and positive actions. We stay calm and remain peaceful because we trust that we are divinely supported and protected.  This is our peace, and we protect this...

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Bless and Be Blessed

Do you bless others when they sneeze? Or is it a case-by-case scenario and dependent upon who sneezes, where you are, and how you're feeling at that moment to give away a blessing? I'm no saint, and there have been plenty of times where I missed opportunities to bless others because it might draw attention to me or  I'm just not in the mood. Writing these excuses make me cringe. And then moments after not blessing the the person who just sneezed, I go into this internal dialogue: "That's not right. You know if you sneeze, you want someone to bless you." I spend more time thinking about why I did not take that opportunity ('achoo') and seize it ('bless...

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